TaikaKoulu - Magic School

It's a world of Magic!


Have you ever dreamed of being one of the most famous wizards or witches in the world? Have you ever read the Harry Potter book series or watched Harry Potter movies? If you answered yes to any of these then this server is like created for you! However, if you did not answer yes, please remember to come and visit our server as we guarantee the best and most successful game experience and after that you want to play more in Magic School. The Magic School has been a server for several years, but in 2019 it underwent radical changes. The magic school is now better and more modern! Here you can experience a completely new and Finnish experience of light role playing. The magic school ip is: tk.hurmos.org or taikakoulu.hurmos.org and version is 1.14.4.


The Idea - Simplified

We are a server where you can play the role easily, develop into a big and famous wizard or witch. Get points for your cabin, go to classes, collect and buy magic wands to cast spells, take exams from class to grade, adventure in the world of Harry Potter - Minecraft, even progress to your professorship and many other great things!


What is Magic School?


Magic School is a fantasy roleplaying server where you can create your own character server, play and roleplay easily! You can develop your character into a great and great witch, or a wizard in Hogwarts, Godrick's Bouncy, Little Whinging and many other Harry Potter-style cities. On our server you will find a variety of magic wands to cast spells, useful and helpful, as well as deadly spells. You can buy magic wands from magic wand boutiques and find them all over the server! So look ahead. You will also find your own hut system at the Magic School, which will begin the process of classifying you into your own and appropriate hut right from the start. This is how you can develop your role-playing character around the cabin and get to know your other twins! In the School of Wizards and Witches itself, Hogwarts has lessons all day long that will give you a great deal of credit for getting your own smoking room to help your house win the monthly tobacco competition.


Information on Magic School


The Magic School has:
~ Four different houses named: Soulseer, Skullhollow, Swordsedge and Honeyroost.
~ Physical currency to buy magic wands, houses and even trying to bribe professors for better test results. The possibilities are endless!
~ Many different magic wands to cast spells: deadly, healing and neutral spells.
~ A map and playable area known as Harry Potter.
~ Many professions and titles such as professor, headmaster, supervising student and student.
~ Good community and maintenance that develops the Magic School to the best of its ability.

~Magic School's Administration.